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Your Source for Residential and Commercial Generators

At AMP Electric, we take pride in providing high-quality generators that not only meet your needs but excel in safeguarding your home or business. We've partnered with industry-leading companies to offer you the best in the business.

Power and Peace of Mind

Our award-winning generators come equipped with accessories for hands-free operation, ensuring your assets are protected in all conditions, whether it's a scorching heatwave, a winter storm, or a power outage.

Tailored Generator Solutions

We don't just sell generators; we size them correctly to provide enough power to run all your appliances, ensuring your family's comfort. Plus, we leave room for growth, so you can add more equipment to your home if needed.


Prepare for the Unexpected

In today's ever-changing environment, being prepared for power outages is crucial. While you stock extra food, water, and provisions for emergencies, have you considered how a generator can safeguard your food storage and heating systems? A generator not only keeps your fridge and freezer running but also ensures your heating system functions during outages.

Don't Wait for Disaster

While you can't predict power outages, you can save time and money by installing a generator to protect your loved ones. Preparation not only saves money during a disaster but also keeps you from standing in long lines for essential supplies.


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