Generators of Northwest Arkansas


 Residential and Commercial Generators

AMP Electric we prided ourselves in providing quality generators that not only fit your needs but excel in protecting your home or business. We have teamed up with some of the most recognized companies in the industry.

We not only provide the best in the best but the accessories that allow hands-free operations in defending your assets.  Our service with the award-winning generators will keep your safe whether in a heat wave, winter storm or a downline.

We cannot only size the correct generator that will provide you with enough power to run all your appliances and deliver the comfort that your family needs. But ensure that you have room to grow in the event you add additional equipment in your home.

In today changing environment it is important to be ready in the event the power goes out, and you need to ensure that your investment is protected. We often prepare for most emergency stocking extra food, water, and other provisions, but have you considered how a generator can protect your food storage system. Not only does a generator provide power to the fridge or freezer but can keep the heating system running too.  

While no one can truly predict when the power will go out and you need a generator but you can save time and money by installing one to protect you and your loved ones. Being prepared will not only save you money when a disaster occurs but ensure that you are not in the long lines to get the supplies your family needs to survive.  

Please reach out to us today to assets you in your preparation that will ensure your survival.